Emmanuel Raillard
  • Trade

    Encourage the local business and local economy with digital.

  • Durable

    Demanding challenges for future generations.

  • Communication

    Digital social dynamics and tangible social networks.

  • Education

    Codes and uses of NTIC for learning.

  • Health

    Digital design for traditional medicine.

  • Religion

    New digital practices of worship. Between theology and ethics.

  • Transport

    Optimization of human and material flows. An intelligent and personal journey. Autonomous travelers.

  • Open Access

    A suitable control and prevention.

  • Tranmedia

    New modalities of interaction and participation.

  • Agriculture

    Use of digital technology in the rural landscape. Farms of the future.

  • Big Data

    Giving meaning to information. Data to the service of humans.

  • Networks

    Internationalization of our activities. NTIC and our relationship to time.

  • Sports

    Digitizing sports complexes and the relationship athlete / supporter.

  • Box

  • Cuddly toy

  • Fruit

  • Parent

  • Bridge

  • Electronic

  • Color

  • Game

  • Fancy dress

  • Time

  • Music

  • Tool

  • Money

  • Child

  • Buddy

  • Nocturnal

  • Cold

  • Fear

  • Danger

  • Urban

  • Sting

  • Reflection

  • Strategy

  • Nature

  • Security

  • Partition

  • Sport

  • Loneliness

  • Old

  • Rich

  • Jump

  • Surveillance

  • Connection

  • Hygiene

  • Love

  • Savings

  • Protection

  • Consumption

  • Selfie

  • Food

  • Transport

  • Flight

  • Reading

  • Super Granny

    Jacqueline, novice and partially-sighted, want to learn how to use the service by herself.

  • Snowstorm

    You must take advantage of the abundant snow to improve your concept.

  • Mad Hacker

    The data center has been hacked. Find a new solution to protect your data !

  • Market crash

    The country is bankrupt. Your concept is the only way to save the economy.

  • Friday the 13th

    You win the lottery! Upgrade your concept thoroughly.

  • Mars Attacks!

    An extraterrestrial civilization invited itself on our planet. Consider this new target.

  • Low battery

    My smartphone is out of service. How can I continue to enjoy the concept without any device ?